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Back is rounded or arched: during the deadlift, the back should be flat with the spine neutral. If a lifter arches the back, either rounded or arched, the load shifts and can place too much stress or pressure on the back, which may lead to injury. Two things that I've read conflicting info about: Pinning your shoulder blades together, and arching your back vs. keeping it perfectly straight. Whenever I pin my shoulder blades together, my back arches significantly, so I guess for me it's Pinned ShouldersArched Back vs. Unpinned ShouldersStraight Back. Low back soreness following deadlifts may be an indication of incorrect technique. Upon breaking down the form of the deadlift, we can see why: That crippling soreness you feel 24-72 hours after your workout is better known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness DOMS. How to fix your Hyperlordosis Arched back. but wanted to know if there was one in particular that’s good for a deadlift warm up. Thank you in advance. Reply. Mark says: August 14, 2019 at 4:47 pm. Hey David, I am a big fan of doing segmental cat/cow warm up exercise before dead lifting.

06/11/2012 · However, if you're not freakishly back strong, or if your hips are so damn strong that they overpower what your spinal extensors can stabilize, then the back will have to round. If you stay arched, here's what "holds the bridge up," or in other words, what keeps the spine in neutral position: Contractile elements of the spinal extensor muscles. 14/12/2015 · whenever you’re supposed to do deadlifts, r u theoretically supposed to have an arched back throughout the entire movement? or at least a straight back? im asking because whenever I see anyone deadlift and whenever I deadlift, their backs r never completely straight. Even Eric Cressey didn’t have an arched back in a video of him deadlifting. Arched back Deadlifts. Hey guys. I've been lifting for about a year and my deadlift form has kind of evolved to be very extended in my back. While my spine always feels great and I've been able to.

01/06/2015 · More to the point: rounding the back during a Deadlift does not pass the eyeball test. You know that face you make when you eat something gross or walk into a room and catch your parents making out? That's the same look that should happen when you watch someone deadlift with a rounded back. 10/05/2012 · Deadlift: rounded back vs arched vs neutral I know everyone says arch your back and keep it as straight as possible but when i do that it hurts my lower back, when I use a more neutral back position it feels more natural and i dont get any pain what so ever but it looks like a rounded back.

12/02/2010 · I have no problem keeping my lower back arched on light warm-up sets, but once I got to about 185 lbs my lower back simply can't product enough tension to keep that arch. I can feel my lower back round slightly during the beginning of the rep, but then it goes back to arched once my back angle decreases enough that the torque falls. 3 If your back is rounding unintentionally when you deadlift, either your hip extensors are too weak or the weight is too heavy, in all likelihood. H. ere is why you deadlift with a rounded back, and why some people deadlift with their hips lower than others. I want to be straightforward about what this article IS, and what it ISN’T.

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